CentraForce connects you to purchase-ready Audiences with greater precision, less waste and smarter use of your marketing resources.
  • We help you define and locate your best Audience. THE ONE THAT HAS THE HIGHEST BUYING POTENTIAL.

    The end goal is not about finding a specific market to go after. That's a thing of the past. It's about isolating the specific populations that are most likely to buy within that market.

    That's what it really means to define an Audience. And we're going to help you get there.

  • We help you connect to your Audience with a laser focus.

    CentraForce adds a new tool to your toolbox—one that adds a new dimension to your decisions. We precisely identify your potential Audience. We then connect that Audience to your spend and whether you have enough budget to succeed. We can tell you where to play—and where not to.

    It's a marketing superpower. One that allows you to do things you never thought were possible.

  • We help you build unified, empowered and unstoppable marketing teams. THE power and confidence to rally around your brand.

    Every minute counts when you're going to market, launching a new brand or spending on a new channel. That's why we provide you with data you can get to—in seconds and minutes —providing a foundation that everyone can build a strategy around. Your teams get to faster, more confident decisions with less conflict and less risk.

    You are never limited in your planning when you've got information just waiting to be accessed.

Audience Intelligence Platform™

CentraForce empowers your team to quickly make the smartest marketing decisions by accessing unmatched Audience Intelligence.

Each Audience is uniquely defined based on each client’s existing and potential customer opportunities. Locate, understand and act upon your true Audience potential in all dimensions that matter.

Through the CentraForce Audience Intelligence Platform™, you’ll have 24/7 access to your Audiences’ locations, needs, goals, desires, aspirations, content preferences and touch points, to name a few. Drawing from a database of more than 230 million persons and more than 100,000 measures, messaging and media persona address the definitive understanding of your audience and how that specifically impacts strategic and tactical directions.

Audience 360° Dashboards are incredibly intuitive and deliver instantaneous results around media mix, best media properties, preferences by category, demographics, personalities, and brand affinities. Audience Locator™ shows you where the Audience lives, works and spends their time in context with how you can reach them. The Audience 360° Profiler will have you and your Audiences connected and ready to receive your message.

Reduce spending waste while boosting results. Fine-tune and optimize media decisions with precision through our revolutionary true Audience cross media platform. Our interactive wizard allows you to select your Audience target, define your campaign footprint, set budget restrictions and goals — generating an optimized selection of media options that adjust with your budget and Audience’s tactical preferences.

Audiences have never been easier to reach using our wizard-generated media report which has all of the best individual media options, reach and frequency, as well as cost and efficiency metrics. You’ll also have access to CentraForce’s proprietary and unduplicated Audience reach across all media types and individual options.

Dive into the next level of Audience insights. Audience Immersion Tools™ provide you with the power to create incredibly useful data products delivered via specialized gallery apps. You’ll have unlimited access to wizard-driven reporting tools that can help you proactively track and prevent Audience defection, align distribution of products with Audience potential, sell in sponsorships, identify best partnerships, pick the best site locations and more effectively target your Audience using hyperlocal criteria that you select.

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We serve those with a passion for connecting with their best Audiences and who believe in the power of big data as a way to inform strategy and campaign planning. Our clients extend across all sectors including retail, nonprofit, media, health, government and advocacy. CentraForce's capabilities allow us to serve teams responsible for research, insights, strategic planning, media planning and analytics.

We also partner with companies who want to utilize CentraForce's Audience Intelligence Platform™ as a foundation for their product offerings.

Because we're not an advertising software platform, we don't make money on your media spend, which means the insights you receive are unbiased and truly of the greatest quality.

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